The primary function of the Performance Appraisal is to provide insight into how an individual may improve his or her effectiveness in the job environment. In order to achieve this objective, it is essential to recognize achievements, identify development objectives, provide positive input, and create a plan to facilitate higher levels of achievement in the job.

As a tight labor supply has once again made it an applicant's marketplace, leaders in the HR field are now heralding the necessity for employers to focus on:

  • Attracting the right job seekers to apply
  • Effective screening techniques to identify applicants who best fit each job opening
  • Retention of top performing managers, supervisors and employees

Effective Performance Appraisals are critical to accomplishing the retention objective.


For a Performance Appraisal to be effective, it must focus on an appraisal of an employee's achievement of the critical objectives of the position. Thus, a Performance Appraisal must be developed for each job category regardless of level in the organization to allow the reviewer to quickly, objectively review the employee's achievement of critical performance objectives, and provide meaningful insight that leads to higher levels of achievement.


The online Performance Appraisal system allows each employer to customize the Performance Appraisal to reflect the organization's core values. Additionally, the online Performance Appraisal provides an easy to use template for tailoring each Appraisal to the key objectives and competencies required for each position. No more cookie cutter performance reviews.

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